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About Tamlyn

TAMLYN was established in May 1971 by Ron Tamlyn, Sr. with $800 borrowed money and help from his wife, Jean, in a small shack in the back yard of their modest home in Bellaire, Texas. We remain family-owned to this day. Our history is one of quality, innovation, and proven performance. We are proud to represent the manufacturing end of the building products industry, and remain a competitive manufacturer committed to making products in America, giving customers a choice and not putting all their eggs in an uncertain import basket. An overwhelming majority of our products are still made in the USA. We believe it matters in helping America keep control of its destiny.

Tamlyn's Mission Statement

To become a world-class supplier of quality building products. We will help build the dream of better homes, continually innovating, while honoring our heritage as a family business that values all employees, making Tamlyn a rewarding place to work. We will promote positive, lasting relationships with customers, providing excellent products at fair prices with superior service. We commit to be good stewards of our resources to leave Tamlyn in a stronger position for the next generation, passing these values on and bringing glory to God in all we do.

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